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This quickie will show you How to Draw an Apple using Inkscape.

Start out with a Circle.

Make the Color red and remove it's Stroke.

Turn it into a Path and add nodes to the Circle as shown below.

Bring the 2 center Nodes inwards.

Move the left and right side Nodes up a bit and make the top Nodes wider than the bottom to get your final shape.

Next take your Pen Tool and create a shape to represent a crease at the top of the apple.

Smooth the center nodes and make the crease's Color 3 shades darker than the red color you used.

Make another Crease, but almost a mirror of the previous, and place them together.

Still using your pen tool Draw a decent sized shape that follows the contours of the apple.

Smooth the nodes, Blur it to a 2.0, and make the color 2 shades darker than the original red.

Draw another shape the same as the previous, but make it hug the right side and make it 3 Shades darker than the original red.

Make another shape, but this time on the left side. Make it's Color 1 shade lighter than the original.

Continue with another on top of it that's 2 shades lighter.

Make a final shape that is 3 Shades lighter.

And lastly, use your Pen Tool to Draw a stem at the top.

Give it a nice Brown color and add shading to it.

You've Drawn an Apple! How 'bout trying it in green next?