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This quickie will show you How to Draw a Bat Wing using Inkscape.

Start out with a Rectangle.

Create 3 Nodes on the bottom line segment.

Move the Nodes around to start the wing shape.

Grab and Drag the bottom line segments inward.

Grab and Drag the left segment outwards.

Then Drag the top segment inward.

Additionally, adjust the top left and bottom right Nodes to help shape the wing.

With the Pen Tool start drawing from the top right to the top left.

Then follow that down to the corner and back up creating a Claw shape.

Create more Claws in the other 2 corners, then finish off your shape.

Color your new shape.

Then Smooth out the nodes.

Start to make Shading under the wing.

Create a black Shape at the bottom, above your curved line segment.

Do this to the 2 other curved Segments.

Set their Blur and Opacity.

Then you'll have some Shading on your wing.

Once you've done that, you're done with your Bat Wing!