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This quickie will show you How to Draw a Bell Pepper using Inkscape.

First start with a Rectangle with the color you like for your Bell Pepper.

Then make multiple Duplicates and stack them around each other with the ones in the back being higher up.

Use your Node Tool and, for each rectangle, Smooth all the nodes.

Your rectangles will have no more sharp corners.

With your Pen Tool, go in and draw a White shape that follows the curve at the top left of one of your rectangles.

This will act as the reflecting light.

Then Smooth all the nodes, except the corners, using your Node Tool and give it's Blur a value.

Do the same for the tops of your other Rectangles.

Similarly, at the bottom right of the Front rectangle, create a shape that follows the curvature of the rectangle.

Make this color a Darker shade of your original color.

Smooth the non-corner nodes and set a value for it's Blur.

Do the same thing wherever you feel there needs to be shading.

Now, create a new Ellipse on the top and set it to a Darkened shade of color.

Then Lower it until it is inbetween the front and back Rectangles.

With your Pen Tool draw a long hook shape on the top of your Bell Pepper.

The take your Node Tool to Smooth all the nodes except for the very bottom.

Draw Light Reflecting shapes as well as Shading shapes for it like we did before.

Now we have finished Drawing a Bell Pepper.

For another type of look, Select the entire Bell Pepper.

Then Remove the Stroke.

You'll be left with a different strokeless look for your Bell Pepper Drawing.