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This quickie will show you How to Draw a Candle using Inkscape.

Start out with a White vertically long Rectangle.

With your Node Tool create a new node at the center top.

Then move it upwards slightly and make it Smooth.

With your Pen Tool create a thin shape to follow where the edge of the Candle top would be, make it Black.

Smooth the new shape's center Nodes.

Now we want to create a shape with our Pen Tool that represents some Candle wax melting off the side.

Leave the shape's End-Nodes open.

Smooth the shape's nodes.

Add more of these Shapes along the edges of the Candle as needed.

We want to use a similar tactic for the bottom.

Make sure the End-Nodes of the shape fall on the edges of the Candle.

Smooth the shape's nodes.

Make a small rectangle ontop of the Candle.

This will be the Candle wick.

Behind the wick, make an orange Circle and stretch it out upwards a bit, then Sharpen the top node.

Create another similar Shape (the easiest way is Duplicating and using Dynamic Offset).

Make it Yellow and Blur both shapes.

Lastly, create a Yellow oval in the back...

...then give it a great amount of Blur and you have yourself a glowing Candle!