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This quickie will show you How to Draw Chain Links using Inkscape.

To start with, create a Rectangle.

Then use it's Handles to smooth the corners completely.

Make the same Rectangle, but smaller and place it at the center.

Use Snape centers of objects for accuracy.

Create a Duplicate of the two shapes.

Then begin scaling the outer shape down Vertically.

Do the same to the Inner rectangle.

Take the Difference ('CTRL' + '-') of each set of Rectangles, so that you have two Chain Links with holes.

Go to the Scaled chain link.

Create a rectangle that covers the top half.

Take the Division ('CTRL' + '/') of both shapes.

This Creates two shapes, the top and bottom half of the Chain Link.

Zoom in to the Segments where the two halfs meet.

Select the edge Nodes that are touching.

Remove the segments from all these nodes.

Do this on both sides.

Now you're ready to make a Chain of links.

Place the bigger Link ontop of the other, like so.

Then Raise the bottom half of the smaller Link.

If you color your Links.

You'll notice a bit of spacing.

You can move the bottom and top half Towards each other to try to cover it up.

If it still shows through, it's not the biggest of deals, but you can always Add a shape to cover it up if needed.

Now you can Duplicate the set of Links you made and move these duplicates horizontally to start linking more together.

Just make sure to Raise the bottom half again.

Rotate the links and adjust them, to give the Chain Links some life.

Once you've done some rotating, you've got some nice looking Chain Links!