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This quickie will show you How to Draw Cheese using Inkscape.

Let's start making some cheese.

Begin with a Rectangle and choose a good color for your cheese.

Turn it into a Path, then use your Node Tool and create a node at the bottom. Then pull that node down.

Create Nodes on either side of all the corners.

Smooth all the nodes.

Use the Node Tool to grab and pull the left side inwards.

Continue to pull the right side inwards and pull the top outwards.

Make a circle with the Ellipse Tool and place it on the edge of your shape.

Select both shapes and apply Difference to cut a chunk out. ('CTRL' + '-')

Do this Multiple times with varying sizes at different locations.

Take your Pen Tool and create a thin shape to represent the Edge of the cheese.

Smooth the center nodes and give it a color a few shades darker than your Cheese color.

Set it's Blur to a suitable value.

Continue to make 2 more of these edges.

With your Pen Tool again, make 2 shapes to represent the light's Reflection on the Cheese.

Set the Blur values for these a lot higher.

In a separate area of your project, make an Ellipse and Duplicate it twice.

Give it a darker Shade than your cheese color.

Bring two of these Ellipses close together.

Then take the Difference of them. ('CTRL' + '-')

Place the newely made Crescent over the last Ellipse as seen below.

Give it a small amount of Blur to smooth the lines.

Then place it somewhere on your Cheese.

Continue to duplicate, resize, rotate, and place this shape all over your Cheese as many times as you like.

You now know how to Draw some Cheese!