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This quickie will show you How to Draw A Handsaw using Inkscape.

Start out with 2 Rectangles one long, one short.

Let's start with the Longer rectangle, this will be the Saw blade.

Select your Node Tool then turn the rectangle object into a Path and raise the bottom-left node up near the top-left node.

Select the bottom 2 Nodes and use the Add Node button 6 times or until you have as many nodes as you like.

Select every other Node on the bottom segment and raise them upwards.

Lastly, add a small Circle near the top-left and take the Difference ('CTRL' + '-') of it from the Saw blade.

Move the smaller Rectangle ontop the right of the saw blade.

This is going to be our Handle.

Add a Node to the left side of the handle.

Then move the top-left and middle Nodes left slightly.

Add about 7 more nodes to the right side.

Delete the middle node on the right side.

Then move the nodes into a position similar to below.

Select the outer nodes and Smooth them.

Then make the top and bottom segments straight.

Move the inner nodes (that you didn't smooth) away from each other.

Now create another Rectangle that fits nicely inside the handle.

Stretch it out slightly horizontally.

Smooth the top nodes and the bottom-left node.

Then Straighten the left segment.

Take the Difference of the new rectangle and the handle to create a hole in the handle.

Add 3 more Circles to the left of the handle where it overlaps the saw blade.

Just color the shapes and you have your Handsaw!