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This quickie will show you How to Draw a Kitchen Knife using Inkscape.

Start by Drawing two different sized rectangles using the Rectangle Tool.

Make one slightly Wider colored black and one slightly Longer colored gray.

Let's start working on the Handle.

Turn the Black rectangle into a Path and add nodes using the Node Tool like seen below.

Grab and pull the Top and Bottom nodes away from the rectangle.

Then Smooth those nodes you pulled away.

Now create a gray Circle with a black Stroke.

Duplicate the circle, change it's Fill color to white, remove the stroke, and turn it into a Gradient fill.

Place the new duplicate Circle over top the other.

Duplicate these and place them in 3 different location along the vertical of the handle.

Use your Pen Tool to follow the contours of the left side of the Handle.

Set it's Blur value to about 1 or 2, depending on how you like it.

You can even add a Gradient so the light reflection shows up stronger in different areas.

With your Pen Tool again, on the right side of the handle, make a shape for the shading.

Set it's Blur about the same.

Now let's start working on the Blade.

For your second Rectangle add nodes to it at the same spots as shown in the picture below.

Next what we need to do is move the Nodes to start making our shape.

Move the top midde Node up, move the node below that on the left side inwards a little bit, for our curve.

Then take the bottom 2 Nodes, on the left side, and move them inwards also.

Adjust until you have something similar to the picture, no need to be perfect.

Now to get our Curve, select the 2 left and right nodes near the tip of the blade and apply a Smooth to them.

Don't be afraid to grab the Node Handles to adjust the curvature as needed.

Let's add a little Shading underneath.

Grab your Pen Tool and create a triangular shape, as shown below, near where the Blade will connect to the Handle.

Give it a Fill Color a few shades darker than the blade.

With your Pen Tool create a shape that hugs the left side of the blade, follow it right on the edge without going over.

Taper it slightly at the top, and then go back in and Smooth all the nodes at the center, leaving the end nodes Sharp.

Lastly for the blade, apply a Gradient Fill to the new shape.

Now we have our Handle and Blade.

Just put the Handle on top of the Blade...

...and you've got yourself a Kitchen Knife you drew yourself!