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This quickie will show you How to Draw A Nut using Inkscape.

Select the 'Create stars and polygons' tool.

Select the pentagon shape.

Set Corners: 6.

Create the Pentagon and try to make it lay flat on the bottom.

Then add Nodes, about 9 on each side.

Delete all nodes except the corner nodes and their connected nodes.

Afterwards, Sharpen all the nodes.

Smooth the corner nodes.

Move the corner Nodes so they don't stick out anymore.

This create's Smoothed corners, as opposed to the sharp ones we had.

Find and Click the Snap center's of objects button.

Then Create a circle and move it until it snaps to the very center of the Pentagon shape.

Take the Difference of the 2 shapes.

Scale it down vertically.

Duplicate, then darken the duplicate, and place it behind as well as lower than the original.

Create 3 Rectangles that cover the bottom 3 sides of the 2 shapes.

Move the Rectangle's corners to follow the edges.

Add and Move nodes to follow the exact contours of the bottom of the darkened pentagon.

Do this until you've covered each Area.

Lower the rectangles below the top Pentagon.

Change their Shades of color for different lighting.

Take your Pen Tool and draw an outline of the pentagon, like shown below.

Then create a Circle on top of and larger than the center circle.

Use the Paint Bucket to fill the area inbetween.

Remove the path and circle.

Then Blur and move this shape slightly upwards.

This creates a raised effect.

Lastly, if you'd like, create multiple ovals ontop of each other like so.

Remove their fill color, change their stroke color, and move them behind the top Pentagon.

This will create the Threaded inside and will finish the Nut!