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This quickie will show you How to Draw a Paisley using Inkscape.

Start with a Circle.

Turn it into a Path and add an extra node.

Pull this node out to start making a Tail.

Keep pulling and adding nodes to Create a shape like the one seen below. Don't forget to Sharpen the tip of the tail.

Once you have a shape you like Duplicate it then Dynamic Offset ('CTRL' + 'J') the duplicate.

Offset the duplicate to be a smaller version than the original.

Make sure to go in with your Node Tool and remove any stray nodes due to the Offset.

Continue doing Dynamic Offsets until you have very little room left.

Select your outer-most Shape again. Then Dynamic Offset to be inbetween your 2 outer shapes. (shown in red).

(Make sure to remove your Fill color as to not hide your previous work)

Go to the Fill and Stroke window ('SHIFT' + 'CTRL' + 'F') and set the Stroke Style 'Dashes' setting to a style of your choice. I chose a Dashed style.

Now the path consists of Dashes.

Continue to do this inbetween each pair of lines and set the Dash Style to your liking.

Leave the center empty.

Change the Fill Color of the center shape to Black.

Then fill it in with varying sizes of Circles.

You've now drawn yourself a Paisley.

Try making different designs using the same techniques.