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This quickie will show you How to Draw a Pawn chess piece using Inkscape.

Start out with a Circle. This will be the head of the Pawn.

Pick the color you'll like your Pawn to be, I chose a dark gray.

Now that we made the Head of the pawn, let's get started with the Body.

Create a Rectangle shape that's vertically long.

Select your Node Tool.

Create 1 Node on each side left and right.

Then move the bottom 2 Nodes outwards away from each other. You can do it manually or left-click and drag the arrow while holding the SHIFT key.

Move the 2 middle Nodes down a bit, if needed, and move them slightly outwards.

Then Smooth the 2 middle Nodes.

Start another Rectangle, this time make it horizontally long.

Smooth the top 2 nodes of the Rectangle.

Select the top 2 Nodes and hold the CTRL key while dragging the inner handles of the 2 nodes.

Move them so they are Horizontal with the line segment.

Drag the top 2 Nodes slightly towards each other.

Make another Horizontal rectangle.

Smooth all the nodes.

Similar to before, set all the inner Handles to be parallel to the line segments.

This creates a Flat top and bottom, while maintaining the Rounded corners.

You'll need 3 different sizes of these.

Duplicate and Scale till you have something similar to the picture below.

Now that you have all the Parts, it's time to put them together.

Scale each piece as needed so they fit together.

Move each Piece into place.

Let's add some lighting.

With your Pen Tool create a shape the hugs and follows the contours of the Pawn's side.

Make it White.

Smooth the middle nodes and Blur the entire shape a bit.

Do this along the other Edges of the left side. See below.

Let's also add some Shading.

With your Pen Tool create a shape that follows the contours of the opposite side.

Make this shape Black.

Smooth and Blur how you like.

Do this to the rest of the Pawn's right side.

Lastly add a circle to the top left of the Pawn's head.

Blur it to your liking.

And you'll have yourself a nice looking Pawn chess piece!

If your pawn had any Strokes you can select the entire thing and remove them for a different look.

Because you added Lighting and Shading it maintains it's curves.