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This quickie will show you How to Draw A Pencil using Inkscape.

Start with a vertically long orange Rectangle.

Create another Rectangle and round off it's edges with the handles.

Make it slightly wider and Gray.

Make another Rounded rectangle.

Make it Skinnier and pink.

Make one more peach colored Rectangle.

You need this one just as wide as the Orange rectangle. Duplicate and scale the orange rectangle vertically to achieve this.

Put the Gray rectangle in front of the others.

Create 4 Sets of 3 nodes.

Move the middle Node in each set inwards.

Create 2 thin Rectangles, to go from left to right, touching these node sets.

On the Orange rectangle add 3 more nodes to the bottom.

Move the First, Middle, and Last nodes downwards like below.

For the Peach rectangle, create 1 node on each side.

Move these 2 Nodes upwards until they touch the edge of the 2 outer nodes on the Orange rectangle.

Merge the bottom 2 nodes.

Shorten the tip of the pencil if needed.

Create an Ellipse over the tip like so.

Then take the Division ('CTRL' + '/') of the circle and tip of the pencil to get 2 separate Shapes.

Turn this new Shape black.

Make a new thin vertical Rectangle.

Place it on one of the corners.

Make sure it extrudes all the way to the Top just before the gray rectangle.

Duplicate this rectangle, and move it to the other corner.

Change their colors to a Darker shade of orange.

With all these pieces together, you'll have yourself a Pencil!