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This quickie will show you How to Draw A Shuriken using Inkscape.

To start with, create a vertically long Rectangle.

This will be the edges of our Shuriken.

Add nodes to the entire shape after turning it into a path.

Then Add 1 more node on each side between the middle and bottom nodes.

Raise the top node and move the 2 sets of 2 nodes inwards.

Smooth those inward nodes.

Then drag the Nodes just above and just below the Smoothed nodes, until they are of about equal spacing to the smoothed nodes.

Use your Pen Tool to create some details.

Draw a shape that contours the top edge like so.

Create an arrow shape just underneath, this will represent the lighting.

Blur this shape.

Now make a Shading shape that follows the rounded part at the bottom left.

Select all the shapes you've made so far and group them.

Then move their pivot-point downwards.

Duplicate and rotate around the pivot-point every 60 degrees.

Use CTRL to keep it rotating at a 15 degree interval.

Continue to do this, until you have 6 Edges of the Shuriken.

Now Select everything and Ungroup them.

Select all the non-detail shapes and Union ('CTRL' + '+') them together. (in this case all the shapes that are gray)

Create a Circle and place it at the very center.

Union ('CTRL' + '+') this circle with the shapes you just unioned together.

Select any nodes that protrude from the center, due to the circle being added.

Delete these nodes so it's smooth.

Create another Circle and place it at the center.

This time take the Difference ('CTRL' + '-') of the unioned shapes and the circle, creating a hole.

For a finishing touch, add another Circle about the same size as the previous and place it over the hole.

Set it's Fill Color to none and give it a thicker stroke.

This will give the hole we made a bit of Shading too.

Group all the shapes together and you've made yourself a Shuriken!