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This quickie will show you How to Draw A Skeleton Key using Inkscape.

To start with, create an Ellipse.

Now create a Circle and place it on the inner left side.

Duplicate this circle and place it on the right side.

Union ('CTRL' + '+') the two circles and then take the Difference ('CTRL' + '-') from the first ellipse.

Create a long Rectangle.

And another smaller Rectangle near the bottom.

Add 3 more Nodes to the left side.

Now, Select the 3 Nodes you just made.

Then use the Add node button.

Lastly, Delete the middle node. You should be left with something like below.

Move the 2 middle Nodes inward.

Then Smooth the 4 outer nodes.

Then Straighten the top and bottom segments.

Lower the long Rectangle under the Ellipse and the smaller rectangle under that.

Let's add some decoration.

Add 2 Rectangles near the top and a circle at the bottom.

Smooth all the nodes on the top rectangle.

Then Straighten the top and bottom segments.

For the bottom rectangle, Add a node on the top and bottom segments.

Then Combine the left side nodes and right side nodes, creating a diamond shape.

Then Smooth the middle nodes on the top and bottom segments.

Union ('CTRL' + '+') the 2 rectangles and circle you made to the key.

Use the Paint Bucket to fill in the top of the key.

Dynamic Offset this new shape and scale it down.

Do this for the rest of the key's Shapes.

These shapes will be for the Lighting on the key.

Move them slightly.

Blur these shapes.

Then just add color and you'll have yourself a Skeleton Key!