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This quickie will show you How to Draw a Sunflower using Inkscape.

Start out with a vertically long Rectangle.

Give it a nice yellow Color.

Add 1 Node to the top segment, and 2 Nodes to the bottom segment.

Move these new nodes to create a Pedal shape.

Smooth the center nodes.

Use your Pen Tool to create a thin shape for the Shading.

Smooth and Blur the new shape.

Create a new shape for the pedal's Crease.

Once again Smooth and Blur.

Union ('CTRL' + '+') all the shapes together.

Set the pedal's Rotation center-point below the the pedal.

Duplicate and Rotate around the center-point.

Rotate clockwise 30 degrees.

Do this until you've run out of space.

Next make a light brown Circle.

Then create a smaller dark brown Circle at the center.

Blur them both, this makes it seem almost fuzzy.

Place it ontop the Pedals you made.

Use your Pen Tool to create the stem.

Smooth the middle nodes.

Create branches.

Smooth the nodes.

Now create an Arrowhead shape for the leaf on each branch.

Smooth the leaf nodes.

Put them together and you've got yourself a Sunflower!