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This quickie will show you How to Draw Sunglasses using Inkscape.

Start with a horizontally long Rectangle.

Smooth all the nodes of the Rectangle.

Set the inner Handles of the top nodes horizontal.

Move the bottom Nodes inwards slightly.

Duplicate and Dynamic Offset creating a smaller shape on top.

Take the Difference of these 2 shapes.

Make a new Rectangle, create a node on the top and bottom, drag them inwards, then Smooth them both.

Create a Duplicate of the first shape you made and put this new Rectangle between them like so.

Union ('CTRL' + '+') them all together.

Use the Paint Bucket Tool and fill in the empty frames with black.

Set these new shapes slightly Transparent using the Opacity attribute.

Duplicate the shapes, set them to white, but keep the Opacity the same.

Make the white Shape a gradient fill.

Adjust the Gradient as needed.

Make a Hook shape using the Pen Tool.

Smooth all the nodes except the ones touching the frames.

Lower this new shape behind the frames.

Use the Pen Tool to create a lighting shape along the edge.

Smooth the nodes and Blur the shape.

Continue to add Lighting shapes to the rest of the Sunglasses.

Once you do, your Sunglasses will be completed!

Maybe try some circular frames next!?