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This quickie will show you How to Draw a Water Droplet using Inkscape.

Go to your Ellipse Tool, and make a circle.

Make a Duplicate of the circle (shown as red) on top of the first circle.

Use the Selection Arrows to extend the red circle at the top and bottom.

With the red circle still selected Lower to the bottom beneath the original, and you should see it peeking out the top and bottom, but not the sides.

Make another Duplicate of the original circle, and move it to the side.

Then take the Difference of both ellipses that are touching ('CTRL' + '-').

You'll be left with the extended ellipse with a hole in it.

With the extended ellipse still selected, use Break Apart ('SHIFT' + 'CTRL' + 'K').

This will Separate the two parts that aren't connected.

If you are unable to Break Apart the ellipse, make a rectangle shape as shown below.

Then selected both the ellipse and rectangle and use Difference once again ('CTRL' + '-').

You should now be able to Break Apart the ellipse.

With the ellipse broken apart, rotate the pieces about 45 Degrees counter-clockwise.

(Hold the CTRL key while rotating to ensure degrees of 15 at a time)

Next, Duplicate the bottom rotated crescent shape and move it to the side.

Set the circle to Black and set it's Opacity to 10%.

Then set the 2 crescent shapes to Black and set their Opacity to 30%.

Place the Circle inside the 2 crescents.

Set the Crescent you duplicated earlier to White and place it just above the other bottom crescent.

Lastly, create a white Circle on top of your creation near the top left.

To finish the design, you can Blur the white Crescent to about 3 and the white Circle to about 20 or just how much ever you like.

And you have yourself a Water Droplet, which you can recreate in different shapes and sizes.